We’ve all seen our friends come back from school, and nobody wants to tell them about their recent weight gain. Here a few ways to combat the change, as well as a few trends/tendencies I noticed while in college that lead to others gaining weight.

Make the Gym Part of your Daily Schedule.

Trying to get on Everyone’s Good Side.

Too Much Xbox and Netflix.

No More Home Cooking.

Balancing Responsibilities

Taking Advantage of Down Time

Too Much Drinking.

Abusing the Meal Plan.

Join Intramural Sports.

Thanks for reading! Follow these tips and you’re guaranteed to get a 4.0, have a 6-pack, and an extremely impressive resume, leading to the job of your dreams. *

  • disclaimer-the above statements are not in fact guarantees, but if any of them happen as a result, reading this was definitely the reason.

This page is dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. Especially for those that have trouble figuring out where to start.